How to improve your writing

How to improve your writing

When I started, I was very confused and unable to write most of the time.

But the reason is something else.

If you have something to say, you can write.

What most of the newbie do, is that they search on Google, forget their own Google (mind).

They don’t use any brain (mind) and just blindly Google each and everything.

Google or no one can teach you common sense.

You have to find it yourself.

Who can write?

Anyone can write and write amazing thing very easily. It is not something got gifted. You can polish it and learn it any time. Just give / allot some time on daily basis.

What you need for writing

You can start with pen and paper. You can use any tool. Just start writing on daily basis. No one can write good content without writing crap content first. You need to write crap content first. Then your writing will be improved.

Reading is important?

I think reading is important if you want to write. But use it against yourself. Just start writing first. I didn’t want to say, read first then write. Do what you think is good. But without writing first, you can’t be improved.

Writing tools

You can start writing on MS word, notepad and in your cell phone. But don’t forget to write on daily basis.

Consume content

I will suggest you to consume content, if you want to be a good writer. Writing content , make you a great write, but not consuming content. Consuming content can make you good writer, can improve your writing.

Blogging and guest posting

Blogging is another way to write for yourself and promote your content. Blogging can you give name, fame and money. Start writing your blog form today onward.

The best thing about sharing content is making friends. People will fellow your automatically.

Do you know, people used to watch movies, when there is no sound in movies.

There was a time when movies were soundless. You can’t imagine today that kind of movies.

Who can write?

I think each and every one should start writing. If you can write a Facebook comment, you can write anything. Just need to start writing first. Write bad content first. Then you can gradually improve it.

Writing on Facebook & twitter

If you are currently not writing anything, you can start writing on Facebook and twitter. Create a page on Facebook and start writing on it. Or create a twitter account and start writing there.

Take screen shot of your write up and share it on instagram and twitter.

Writing can solidify your thoughts and your communication gets better day by day. You know how to convey your message to someone.

Who will read you?

You can write for beginners who are one step below you. Or more than one step below you. Slowly your knowledge get increase day by day.


Writing is very important. Allot some time everyday and start writing on daily basis. No need to write perfect piece of content. You start with broken one, you can start writing crap. But don’t leave daily writing practice. Your writing will become better day  by day. One day , you will amazed to see your write ups.

Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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