How to become dollar millionaire in Pakistan

How to become dollar millionaire in Pakistan

Now a day everyone wants to become wealthy. So what you need to know before becoming a dollar millionaire?

What type of money do you need? Where do you want to invest?

What kind of money do you need?

Do you need money of drugs, gambling, lottery,

Start industry

You need to work in an industry.

Start a business

It is very common to start a business. No business fails. Only your expectation fails.

Start a job

You can’t become a millionaire in working in small office, working as computer operator. You need a good job.

Start a property business

Property is one of the top businesses. Only 2% commission you get from buyer and 2% from seller. Imagine 2% of a 1crore property.

Bahria town and dha is one of the way to start your business. You need investors to invest in property and then you can sell those property with high profits.

Start your own housing scheme

Start working on a housing society. It is one of the best business. Housing society can give you money which you can’t imagine.

Start working on app

Go to app store and play store and amazon kindle and Huawei app store and other app stores and find an app idea. Start working on app. Find loop holes and problems in apps and try filling those gaps.

Start working on website

Now a day everyone needs a business. You can start website web development agency.

Digital marketing agency

You can provide digital marketing services to your fellow customers in the world. In different businesses.


Yes, you can win lottery. But it is totally luck.


You can get your inheritance. But it is like a lottery. Most of the people on this planet can’t afford it.

Marry a rich

You can marry a rich man or women. But do you think he / she will give you the respect you deserve? It is possible he / she will not use and abuse.

Start a public model school

Private schools are one of the best businesses in Pakistan and Asia. You need to spend some time developing a school.

Start investing

You can invest in tons of businesses. You can invest in property business.

Stock exchange and crypto currency, bit-coin is another option.

Building homes

You can create homes based on proper maps and calculation and proper setting. Buy some plots and spend money on it and make it , renovate it and decorate it and make it new.

Solar power supplier

Now day’s businesses need solar power, Due to highest rates of taxes. No one is interested in government stupid power supply.  Tube wells needs a solar power and factories and plants also needs solar energy.

Portable ice distribution


Import & export



Yes, everyone can become millionaire in today’s world. You need to devote your today to get your future bright. You need a solid plan to become millionaire. Millionaires are today’s middle class.

You can’t afford to be poor. You can’t live pay check to pay check.



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