How to download MEGA files without MegaSync


Mega is a best file sharing platform. It provide 50GB to everyone on this planet earth for limited period of 30 days.

After that you storage limit is reduced to 15GB.

You can download mega file easily with MEGA-Sync software provide by mega for free.

Are unable to use MEGA-Sync?

Here are some solution for you:

Download Via Browser

You can download file in your web-browser that is chrome and Firefox May be Edge.

After too much downloading, sometime you get Html5 storage full error.

Otherwise it works perfectly on windows.

Third Party Free Download Solution

My favorite tool to download it MULTCLOUD.

MULTCLOUD give you 30GB for free to use.

Attach your both accounts. Sender account(mega) and receiver Account(google drive or any).

Allowing to attach 2 cloud account is Limitation of free MULTCLOUD. 

No need to download your mega files first and then upload. 

It is server to server transfer service.

You can upload your files to Google drive or any other another cloud storage.


Final words

Don’t forget to share your experience and your thoughts. What do you prefer to use to upload files from one server to another server. Don’t forget to share your creative way of doing things.

Give suggestion and share your findings and thoughts to improve ‘ How to download MEGA files without Mega ’ article.

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