python-gui-programming-tkinterPython GUI Programming with Tkinter and Python 3.7

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Programming Language: Python with GUI

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Hey, If you are python lover. This Video series is only for you. Tkinter is one of the best resource to build GUI apps in python. Here is one of the best resource to learn python GUI. This is one of the easy to understand python tutorial series to Start your GUI Journey with python Coding.

Video numberVideo titleDescriptionlink
1introductionMake a Music Player with tkinter! Watch
2Tkinter windowCreating a Tkinter windowWatch
3GeometryTitle, Icon and the Geometry Watch
4WidgetsText and Images Watch
5ButtonImage Button for playing MusicWatch
6Stopping the music Stopping the music using PygameWatch
7Volume controlVolume control using Scale Widget Watch
8Menubar Adding a Menubar Watch
9Messagebox + Menubar Messagebox + Executing commands in Menubar Watch
10FiledialogOpening up files using FiledialogWatch
11Statusbar Adding a StatusbarWatch
12Pause and UnpausePause and Unpause the music using Tkinter and Pygame Watch
13Pack layoutPack layout Manager and Frames Watch
14Grid LayoutGrid Layout Manager and Frames Watch
15Rewind Music Rewind Music + Grid SystemWatch
16Toggle buttonToggle button + Mute music Watch
17pause unpauseFixing the Logic- pause / unpauseWatch
18Calculating duration wavCalculating WAV duration sound filesWatch
19Calculating duration mp3Calculating MP3 duration - MutagenWatch
20Current Time Calculating Current Time + ThreadingWatch
21Events & BindingsEvents & Bindings – Overriding the close button Watch
22Listbox widgetListbox widget & Advance FramesWatch
23ListboxAdding items ListboxWatch
24PlaylistPlaying Songs Playlist - PygameWatch
25Total LengthFixing the Statusbar + Current time + Total LengthWatch
26Delete itemsDeleting items from the ListboxWatch
27Styling & Fonts Styling + Fonts + Themed Widgets Watch
28themesStylish themesWatch
29cx_freezeConverting to executables - cx_freezeWatch
30EndingTkinter ChallengeWatch

If you want to learn python programming. You start with this video series. Easy to understand.
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