Histogram Python Matplotlib ML AI tutorial videos 1

Histogram python matplotlib ml ai tutorial videos 1

In this video, we are going to draw a histogram with dummy data. You can the data of your choice.

You need to install matplotlib first.

pip install matplotlib

we create a dummy array like this. You can create any array


hist() function

with the help of hist() we will draw histogram

it take 2 parameters:

  1. array of data we want to plot
  2. Number of bars in histogram

final step is to show histogram on screen.


Here is video Video link

Source Code

# lets create histogram in python
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# now we will create array for our histogram
# now we will use hist function to create diagram
# first values x is array we want to plot
# second value/parameter is number of bars
# now we will show it on screen


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