Blog Comment Your One Secret Blogging Weapon

There are the long-written content-full blog posts but are so abandoned.

I meant you just saw the content there and nothing else.

Yeah, one thing you can also notice there, and that is.

The face of the author at the end of each and every blog post(s).

But do they look and sound good?

Of course, they should not.

But how to get them all filled up with each and every blog post that you would post?

It is easy but time-needed task that has to be followed efficiently.

I will tell you how to actually do it.
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Why need blog comment

Blog comments are kind of getting and receiving the feedback from your readers.

And yes, the readers have to come up with their own feedback which could be always positive (according to your expectations) and sometimes negative (that you really do not expect to ever receive but things many happen.)

Anyways, the blog comments are the good indicators that let you know how you are doing with your blog posts.

But do you know one thing?

I am here compiling this blog post by not focusing on receiving the blog comments on your place.


You better be more than surprised! 🙂

What I am focusing over then?

Blog comments.

But not on your blog.

Over other blogs.

Your friends’ blogs.

Professional bloggers’ blogs.

And any other blogs.

How to make blog comment your one secret blogging weapon

People put a lot of their focus and energy over link building to win the rankings, and find blog commenting as one of the weapon to be used for link building.

But what if I tell you to to transform the ‘blog commenting’ as the ‘relationship building’?

Does it sound something unique and awesome?

Even if it does not, it should be taken just like that; to build the relation with other bloggers.

You do not do the good blog commenting and all you worry about earning a link, that is not entirely going to work, my mate!

If you do it this way, please do NOT. Do not really do it at all.

Align your blog commenting

Find your purpose first and straighten it up.

You are here for leaving the blog comments on other people’s blog, and that is for the core purpose.

Which is to build the relationship.

So, get it straight.

How to play the blog commenting

Let’s play it like the original game.

For the relationship building, you have to proceed with the friendly tone to truly show the reason you are here, and are original.

All you care is for relationship building and nothing less than that.

And what so not?

I can truly come up with so many SEO factors to look for when it comes to blog commenting… but the true essence of this entire blog post would fade away if I do so.

I can tell you to look out for the authority blogs before finding the blog for the blog commenting.

Then I can really tell you to push for the blog comment to be done on the professional bloggers’ blogs.

But why should I tell you all of these?

I would NOT because I told you to actually build the relationship.

And the relationship has to be built with the person (in our case, the blogger) and not with the blog(s).

What advantages the blog commenting bring?

It brings you;

  1. Makes you the credible blogger
  2. You care about the blogging community
  3. You are here for the serious blogging

1- Makes you the credible blogger

You are building the trust to be listed under the list of ‘credible blogger’.

And that is easily and ONLY achievable with being original AND original.

Read other bloggers’ blog posts in their entirety and leave only the best and the original long-formed blog comment.

Well, not fall under the trap of long-formed blog comment but when you start to write the valued and original blog comment with the vision of giving only the value, this will become the long-formed one itself.

2- You care about the blogging community

Day after day, week after week, and the month after month; the blog comments have to become the part of your blogging journey.

When it turns like a normal habit for you, you are actually caring about the blogging community that you are genuinely involved with improving it with your chunk of participation.

3- You are here for the serious blogging

Of course you are.

There is no denial in that.

Because the blogger starts blogging for actually the purpose of serious blogging.

The right formed of the blog commenting does show you are definitely serious about the blogging.

All you need is to keep the blog commenting done every day to make the good and ever-lasting relationships build with each and every bloggers out there.

Is there any example of blog commenting who is serious rocking it?

Of course, and there is one!

The pure example of the right blog commenting.

If we can name him the ‘blog commenting machine’, he truly and best fits for that rank.

And that is… Ryan Biddulph of BloggingFromParadise.com

He is looked as the guy who is doing the right blog commenting since years and made all of his personality just through the blog commenting!

Get to follow him if you do not know him already, and learn how he does the blog commenting to make him the one popular blogger found in this whole wide world.

Let’s conclude then!

So, what are you going to do?

Are you going to do the blog commenting just for the sake of relationship building?

I am so sure that so worth of doing the blog commenting this way.

Whatever you do, just keep the blog commenting original.

And purposeful.

Go consistence with the blog commenting and locate the new bloggers every other day.

Then keep it up for long!


Tony BB

TonyBB is a Coach , marketer, hypnotist and a founder of RSKVF Production who specializes in providing simple, affordable, and easy to use solutions for Life.

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