Variable in python – tutorial # 1

first program in python – tutorial # 1

Video about variables in python


Variable are temporary place to store data and perform operations on data stored. You can do any manipulation.

Variable has 2 parts

  1. Variable name ( before equal – Left side)
  2. variable value (after equal – Right side)
 variable_name = "Hello" 

How to print variable?

It is very very easy. Just use the variable in print


Now run the code in terminal and Boom it will work.


Source Code

variable_name = "Hello"
# 2nd variable
person_name = "Khan"
# Now I will print my variable
# No need to make big big variable names :P
# lets print 2nd variable
# Let run the program in terminal
# I want to change my variable name
# Lets run again.

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