Python Tutorial – Youtube Videos GUI Downloader For Free

Python Tutorial – Youtube Videos GUI Downloader For Free

How to use this downloader

  1. you need to install python
  2. you need to have some text editor
  3. you need to install pip install tkinter
  4. you need to install pip install pytube

How to run this downloader


Source Code

# import all Tkinter libraries from the module
# from tkinter import Entry, Label, StringVar, Tk
from tkinter import *
# From the  installed Pytube module, import the youtube library
root = Tk()
root.geometry('500x300') # Size of the window
root.resizable(0, 0) # makes the window adjustable with its features
root.title('youtube downloader')
Label(root, text="Download Youtube videos for free", font='san-serif 14 bold').pack()
link = StringVar() # Specifying the variable type
Label(root, text="Paste your link here", font='san-serif 15 bold').place(x=150, y=55)
link_enter = Entry(root, width=70, textvariable=link).place(x=30, y=85)
def download():
    url = YouTube(str(link.get())) #This captures the link(url) and locates it from YouTube.
    video = url.streams.first() # This captures the streams available for downloaded for the video i.e. 360p, 720p, 1080p. etc. # This is the method with the instruction to download the video.
    Label(root, text="Downloaded", font="arial 15").place(x=170, y=120) #Once the video is downloaded, this label `downloaded` is displayed to show dowload completion.
Button(root, text='Download', font='san-serif 16 bold',
bg='green', padx=2,command=download).place(x=170, y=150)

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