How to reduce huge thumbnail file size Android?

How to reduce huge thumbnail file size Android?
If you are using android and You have analyzed your diskusage.
You will come to know DCIM/.thumbnail is nearly 5 GB, may be more less.

Usually there are two files in .thumbnail folder.
1. thumbdata3–1967290xxx – almost 4.93 GB
2. thumbdata–1763508xxx – also 4.93GB

It will regenerate if you delete them so what is the possible solution to control and reduce the size.

At least keep one and delete the 2nd one.

Having two thumbdata files is terrible idea.
Solution # 1
The simple thing you can do is to delete all the unwanted images and screenshots , you don’t need anymore.

The Thumbdata folder totally depends on the number of images you have stored on your device.

After deleting junk, unwanted and extra images.

Now you can delete the thumbdata and it will regenerate again.

But Now its size will be significantly reduced.


Is it safe to delete thumbdata & .thumbnail in Android?
yes, you can delete .thumbdata and thumbdata3 but It will regenerate again when you open gallery.
your galley will re-index all files again when you open it.

Why thumbdata regenerate again with same size?
if you don’t remove unwanted images from your device. It will index again and deleting will not help.


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