Are you a professional programmer ? Or you want to learn programming for fun?

Are you a professional programmer ? Or you want to learn programming for fun?
Everybody want to learn Programming, but it seems difficult to some people.

Programming is like workout in gym. Even after 1 month you may not able to find any noticeable difference.

First understand one thing. Like any other, skill you can’t master programming in one day.

Motivation And Excitement
When you are starting out. you are highly motivated and excited. But after sometime , you lose motivation. It might be due to an error or concept which you are unable to understand. But be patient. Don’t lose hope. Its normal. Sometime you work very hard but you learn nothing. After a good night sleep it might be very easy to understand. Just try again ,learn and practice it.

Spend time on Fundamentals
To be very honest fundamentals might be very boring and not full of excitement. As a human we need excitement in our life. But without getting your fundamentals right. It is very difficult to be a good programmer

Learn By Doing
You can’t learn driving or master GTA/PUBG/FreeFire just by watching other people. You need to practice it. You need to be fully involved and make your hand dirty by practicing.

Code By Hand(pen & paper)
Most of the code editors do a great job by auto-completing your code. But You might be in trouble. If you are in an interview and you are supposed to write code by hand using pen and paper. Or worst case might be white board. so you need to be mentally prepare for it.

Teach, Share, Discuss and Ask For Help
It is not easy to continue your coding journey alone. You need a coding buddy. You can improve your coding concepts by joining fb and WhatsApp groups related to coding. You help someone and someone helps you. And You can’t do coding everyday. Someday you might be very very tired. The best option is to code. But you can help someone also. It might strengthen your coding concepts.

Online Courses & Resources
You can learn almost anything for free. I don’t need to mention youtube, udemy , geekforgeek, coursera and skillshare.

Take frequent Breaks
I know Coding is fun. When you start a new skill, You are super motivated. But Your eyes and brain need some rest also. Taking small breaks mean defuse state of mind. Which is beneficial for your learning. Taking break is a good way to find solution of your problem, you are facing while coding.

Why Debugging skill are important ?
Coding is like life. You always make mistakes and its okay. No need to stress. But it is very important skill to learn if you want to be a great coder. Errors are inevitable if you are a coder. So be ready to make tons of mistakes and be prepare to fix it. Fixing error is a skill and it will help you a lot if you are good at it.

How to learn programming for beginners free
Use free resources like udemy, coursera, w3school , tutorialpoint and youtube

Best way to learn programming on your own
Work on your dream projects. If you want to build next Instagram start making UI and then background using your favorite technology.

How to learn programming for free
Use w3school, net-ninja and Udemy

Best way to learn programming according to reddit
Learn by doing. Watch a video and implement it immediately.

How to learn a programming language
Follow a tutorial. You can start with free video or text tutorial. And start practicing it.
You can use free coding playgrounds.

What is the best way to learn programming online
You can follow one of the best approach by watching video and coding along. Or reading a tutorial and practicing it.

How to understand programming logic?
Programming logic is very important. You can start with basic logic first. Book reading might not be easy. Video is great option.

Best way to learn programming language?
There is only way to learn programming. Just do enough practice.

Are you a professional programmer ? Or you want to learn programming for fun?

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